Upon Arrival at the Psychic & Healing Expo, Attendees
Receive a Printed Listing of All Our Exhibitors and Lectures!


Judy Kay Psychic Medium
Psychic Medium Readings.
Website: JudyKay.net
Email: judykaypsychicmedium@aol.com / Phone: 856-725-3588
12:00 pm Lecture: Connecting With The Other Side

Hues of You Aura Photography – Debra Thornton
Aura & Chakra Photography.

Website: HuesofYou.net
Email: aurahuesofyou@yahoo.com / Phone: 856-419-0451

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Consultant Chris DeSerio
Psychic, Medium, Rune, Medical Intuitive & Tarot Card Readings, Questions Answered.
Website: ChrisDeSerio.com
chrisdeserio@aol.com / Phone: 201-233-4838
2:30 pm Lecture:
How to Tap Into Your Natural Psychic Gifts

Sacred Geometry Glassware – Maureen Groetsch
Mouth Blown Carafes, Specialty Drinking Glasses, Eco-Conscious Glass Bottles, Other Items Designed with Fibonacci Sequence & Flower of Life Geometry.

Website: HeartWisdomandLight.com
Email: biontologypa@gmail.com / Phone: 267-884-6844

South Jersey’s Italian Psychic Medium Marie Gilbert
Angel Card Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Self-Authored Books, Pet Healing Charms.
Website: gilbertcuriosities.blogspot.com
Email: mariegilb@comcast.net / Phone: 215-287-0460

We Are Human Massage – Lorianne Dye
Relaxing Massage for Neck & Back.

Website: WeAreHumanMassage.com
Email: wearehumanmassage@gmail.com / Phone: 856-401-9550

HearthWise Tarot – Susan Lasprugato (“The Reader’s Reader”)
Integrated Tarot, Oracle & Psychic Medium Readings.

Website: HearthWiseTarot.com
Email: susan@hearthwisetarot.com / Phone: 856-981-2221

A Moment of Zen – Eden Kantrowitz
Handmade Crystal Jewelry, Crystals (Tumbled, Polished, Rough).
Website: aMomentofZenNJ.com
Email: aworldapartllc@yahoo.com / Phone: 856-935-1390
11:30 am Lecture: Creating Crystal Grids to Focus Your Intentions

Angels Always Around Us – Medium Margaret Phillips
Angel Card & Medium Readings.

Website: AngelsAlwaysAroundUs.com
Email: angelsalwaysaroundus@gmail.com / Phone: 856-449-9099

Wonderful World of Crystals – Adrienne Gammal
Healing Crystals & Gemstones, Chakra Jewelry, Shamanic Rattles, Incense, Energy Sprays.
Email: agammal@comcast.net / Phone: 732-618-5962

Spirit Life Guide Lynn Rene MacDonald
Medium & Medical Intuitive Readings, Soul Clearing, Universal Law Natural Products.

Website: LynnReneMacDonald.com
Email: lghtwrkrgrl@gmail.com / Phone: 757-816-3134
4:30 pm Lecture: Working with Love Energy to Create Your Best Life

Soul Talk with Traci – Traci Rosenberg
Numerology Readings, Manifestation Boxes, Bracelets, VitaJewel Water Bottles, Juice Bottles.

Website: SoulTalkWithTraci.com
Email: tracirosenberg@gmail.com / Phone: 609-417-4526
12:30 pm Lecture: Soul Talk – Messages from Your Higher Self

Bluefield Girls – Barbara Haulenbeek
Iridology Eye Examinations – A Non-Invasive Analysis Method That Helps You Gain Insight Into Your Health.
Email: bahaulenbeek@gmail.com / Phone: 609-680-0700
3:30 pm Lecture: The Science & Art of Iridology

Breathe & Listen – Eric Otvos
Tarot Card & Aura Readings.

Website: BreatheAndListen.com
Email: eric@breatheandlisten.com / Phone: 856-723-5475

Kindred Spirits Store – Katherine Wolff
Healing Sessions, Crystals, Sage, Smudge Accessories, Wire-Wrapped Jewelry, Salt & Selenite Lamps.
Website: Kindred-Spirits-Store.com
Email: kathybrosof@gmail.com / Phone: 609-458-0306

Psychic Medium Nikki Steward
Mediumship, Past Life, Angel Card & Flower Readings, Crystals.
Website: 30SomethingPsychic.com
Email: 30somethingpsychic@gmail.com / Phone: 609-332-9036
5:00 pm Lecture: Psychic Protection: How to Shield Yourself from Unwanted Energies

Sacred Green Earth – Ackbar & Annmarie
Gifts & Books from Around the World.
Email: soaplady60@gmail.com / Phone: 856-854-7700

Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center – Rita Strough
Angel & Psychic Readings.
Website: IAMaDivineBeing.com
Email: divine.being@comcast.net / Phone: 856-296-9771

1:00 pm Lecture: The Phases of Spiritual Evolution

Robert Egby
Dowsing, Healing & Metaphysical Books, CDs, Rods & Pendulums. Taking applications for geopathic clearing.
Website: Robert-Egby.com
Email: robertegbyauthor@gmail.com / Phone: 609-351-5878
10:30 am Lecture: How to Protect Yourself from Toxic Energy

Comedian Psychic Medium Carole Tollen
Psychic Medium Readings.
Website: CaroleTollen.com
Email: caroletollenpsychic@gmail.com / Phone: 856-577-6700

Soul Sisters Holistic Healing – Beth & Deb Snell
Handmade Healing Jewelry, New Age Items.

Lady Mystic Magik – Kathy Hart
Soul Readings, Crafts, Handmade Jewelry, Sage, Crystals, Cards.
Website: LadyMysticMagik2.com
Email: ladymysticmagik@gmail.com / Phone: 240-580-0300

Higher Self Healing – Nicky Rivera
Mini Reiki Treatments, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Reiki Infused Candles.
Email: nicky@livetothrivecoaching.org / Phone: 862-202-3904

Intuitive Readings by April
Psychic Medium & Tarot Card Readings.
intuitiveapril@gmail.com  / Phone: 201-390-1148

The Eloists, Inc.
Books Sold on Website, Organizational Handouts, Promotional Materials.
Website: OahspeSales.com
Email: theeloists@gmail.com / Phone: 781-558-4688

Holistic Cupboard – Jessica Flamini
Custom Blends of Infused Essential Oils.
holisticcupboard@yahoo.com / Phone: 856-296-8150

Your Cup of Tea – Dawn Strouse
Tea Leaf Readings.
dstrouse2@comcast.net / Phone: 215-870-1466

Dragonfly Aromatic Oils – Ellie Corda
Certified Aromatherapist Crafted Natural Body Products, Soaps, Lotions, Essential Oils.
Website: DragonflyAromaticOils.com
Email: dragonflyaromaticoils@gmail.com / Phone: 908-625-4726

Marianne Brigando
Tarot Card, Pendulum & Numerology Readings
Website: TarotCardReadingsByMarianne.com
Email: mare031268@yahoo.com / Phone: 732-207-3106

Jersey Paranormal Investigations – Maureen Carroll
Crystals, Crystal Jewelry, Oracle Card Decks, and More.
jp.hauntedhelp@gmail.com / Phone: 609-332-9036

Happy Healing Pet Crystals – Jean Ramalho
Pet Psychic Readings (Pet need not be present), Healing Pet Crystals.
ramalho_jean@comcast.net / Phone: 856-993-2816

Om Bound – Deena Jamel
Crystals, Stones, Pendulums, Meditation Masks, Tarot Card Holders.
om@ombound.com / Phone: 856-981-6625

Sacred Eyes Tarot – Michael McQueen
Tarot & Angel Card Readings.
Email: sacredeyestarot@gmail.com / Phone: 856-264-1202
11:00 am Lecture:
How the Saints Can Help in Your Spiritual Journey

Carmen Renee
John of God Crystal Light Healing Bed, Reiki Sessions, Silver Table Top Bells, White Clearing Candles, Blessed/Energized Water.
Email: cr@carmenreneereiki.com / Phone: 609-230-0389
3:00 pm Lecture:
Bridging to Your Higher Self: 5 Things You Can Start Today

Featherlight Healing – Sandra Odorisio
lntuitive Messages from Spirit Using Oracle Cards.
featherlight444@comcast.net / Phone: 609-605-8327

Peaceful Praise – Shea Maultsby
Spiritual Guidance & Energy Healing Sessions, Books & Meditations.
smaultsby@peacefulpraise.com / Phone: 201-315-2088
2:00 pm Lecture:
Practicing Self Love

Readings by Dino – Dino Calabrese
Psychic Medium Readings.
Dino@dinocalabrese.com / Phone: 408-348-4472
4:00 pm Lecture:
How to Connect with Your Guides

Reiki by Victoria – Victoria Powell
Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Using Tuning Forks & Singing Bowls for Vibrational Healing.
victoriaheals@gmail.com / Phone: 267-332-1596
1:30 pm Lecture:
Raise Your Vibration with Reiki & Sound (Sound Meditation Experience)

Midlantic Wellness Center – Daphne Wright-Gilstrap
Tarot Card Readings, Holistic Wellness Supplies, Meditation Tools, Jewelry, Crystals.
info@midlanticwellnesscenter.com / Phone: 856-685-7151

Mystic Ginger Apothecary – Kellie D’Ascenzo
Organic Herbal Teas, Bath Soaks, Healing Balms
Website: MysticGingerApothecary.com
Email: mysticgingerapothecary@gmail.com / Phone: 856-264-5549

Joyful Awakenings – Anita Swayne
Crystals, Crystal Grids, Tumbled Stones, Jewelry, Candles, Books, Sage, Incense
Email: joyfulawakeningsllc@gmail.com / Phone: 610-742-5922

Budhhas N’ Butterflies – Lee Ann Irizarry
Hand-made Dream Catchers & Jewelry, Baby Mobiles, Dream Readings, Reiki 3rd Eye Attunements, Body Butters, Creams, Lotions, Sprays.
Website: buddhasnbutterflies.com
Email: leeannirizarry@gmail.com / Phone: 856-676-3106

Shaman’s Rainbow Passage – Carol Smith
Shamanic Crystal Gemstone Readings, Essential Oil Energy Sprays & Roll-Ons.
Website: ShamansRainbowPassage.org
Email: rainbowpassage@verizon.net / Phone: 856-693-7199

Moon beam Massage – Holli Magill
Relaxing Reflexology Foot Massage, Body Products, Lotions, CBD Oil, Gift Certificates.
Website: MoonBeamMassage.com
Email: holli@moonbeammassage.com / Phone: 856-831-5662